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About TMB Gold Mind Caribbean Inc.
TMB Gold Mind Caribbean Inc. was founded in 2018 by The Melisizwe Brothers. The Gold Mind symbolises the brain/mind, that everyone possesses. The Gold Mind also symbolizes the talents/Gifts which everyone has. The Melisizwe Brothers are very grateful that they have been given the opportunity to excel within the creative industry, as they strive to use their influence to shed light on other creatives who would not have a chance to reach a worldwide audience and take advantage of the many opportunities that exist within the industry. They encourage other creatives who have excelled within the creative industry to join them in assisting the next generation.

TMB Gold Mind Caribbean Incorporated believes that the necessary tools and the right environment will give individuals a better chance to take advantage of the many socioeconomic benefits that exist within the creative arts, TMB Gold Mind Caribbean Inc. exists to create and to provide the tools needed to do so.
The Gold Mind Philosophy
Everyone has gifts, talents and passions, which brings them alive. The Melisizwe Brothers' story is a journey of uncovering and nurturing their gifts, talents and passions; called their Gold Mind™ of music. Their musical gift inspired them to create the Gold Mind Music Program™ as well as the Gold Mind Philosophy™.

Undiscovered Gold Minds can take any form. The Gold Mind Philosophy™ is to inspire and create opportunities for people, young and old to discover their Gold Minds.

Our Programs

Meet The Melisizwe Brothers
The Melisizwe Brothers (pronounced Mel - Li - Seize - Way ) Marc, Seth and Zacary are three brothers, who were born in Canada with Vincentian roots. The brothers are a world-renowned Canadian group that has been capturing the hearts of millions of fans globally since its debut in 2016, they have toured the world extensively and appeared on numerous television shows. Gaining recognition for their incredible musical talent, self-produced music, and the way they interact with their fans across the globe, The Melisizwe Brothers have established themselves as “America's Most Musical Family” scoring a recording contract with the world's top leading music company “Republic Records”. Today they are currently crowned as America's Most Musical Family, having won the Nickelodeon competition in 2020.
We Need You!
To facilitate the series of events, the programs rely heavily on volunteers, locally, regionally, and internationally, who are inspired to make a difference in the world by donating their time, talents, and resources to help inspire the next generation. These events are geared toward assisting the participants by identifying ways that they can take advantage of the many opportunities within the creative industry.