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What Is The Gold Mind?
Your Gold Mind is defined as your unique gift, talent, or exceptional ability that sets you apart. It represents the singular aspect in which you excel and shine brightly. Whether it manifests in academics, music, athletics, or any other field, your Gold Mind encapsulates the essence of what makes you special and distinguishes you from others. It is the pinnacle of your capabilities, reflecting your innate strengths and aptitudes.
About TMB Gold Mind

TMB Gold Mind, established in 2018 by The Melisizwe Brothers, is a distinguished platform dedicated to celebrating and nurturing creative talents. The name "Gold Mind" symbolizes the innate brilliance and talents that lie within each individual's mind. The Melisizwe Brothers, appreciative of their own accomplishments in the creative field, are committed to leveraging their influence to showcase other gifted individuals who may not have had the opportunity to showcase their talents on a global scale or explore the vast possibilities within the industry. They actively promote collaboration with fellow creatives who have excelled, encouraging them to join in supporting the next generation of talent.


TMB Gold Mind firmly believes that equipping individuals with the necessary tools and fostering a conducive environment can significantly enhance their prospects of leveraging the socioeconomic benefits offered by the creative arts. With this noble mission at its core, TMB Gold Mind endeavors to create and offer essential resources aimed at empowering aspiring artists and creators to realize their full potential.

The Gold Mind Philosophy

We believe that every individual possesses unique gifts, talents, and passions that have the power to ignite their true potential. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that everyone has a "Gold Mind" waiting to be discovered. We are dedicated to inspiring and creating opportunities for individuals to uncover their inner brilliance, unlocking the treasures within. Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to empower individuals to embrace their passions, explore their talents, and unleash their full potential. 

Our vision and mission

Our Vision: To cultivate a world where every individual's creative brilliance is recognized, nurtured, and celebrated, fostering a global community of empowered artists and creators. In our pursuit of a world where every individual's creative brilliance is recognized, nurtured, and celebrated, we are dedicated to implementing concrete initiatives to bring this vision to life. Our approach includes: 1. Recognition and Celebration: Identifying and showcasing diverse creative talents through events and collaborations. 2. Nurturing Talent: Investing in programs and resources to support artists' growth and development. 3. Global Community Building: Connecting artists worldwide for collaboration and mutual support. 4. Advocacy and Outreach: Promoting the importance of creativity and arts through awareness campaigns and partnerships. Through these efforts, we aim to empower artists and creators globally, fostering a culture of creativity, innovation, and positive impact.


Our Mission: The Melisizwe Brothers' TMB Gold Mind is dedicated to providing a platform that celebrates and supports creative talents from all walks of life. Through our commitment to showcasing gifted individuals who may not have had the opportunity to reach a global audience, we aim to empower the next generation of artists and creators. By fostering collaboration and offering essential resources, we strive to create an environment where aspiring talents can thrive and realize their full potential, ultimately contributing to the socioeconomic advancement of individuals within the creative arts industry.

Our Programs

Meet The Melisizwe Brothers
The Melisizwe Brothers (pronounced Mel - Li - Seize - Way ) Marc, Seth and Zacary hailing from Leduc, Alberta, Canada, are a talented trio of singer/songwriters, musicians, and music producers. In addition to creating captivating content, they are also known for their influential presence on social media. The brothers have founded TMB Gold Mind Programs and have released an impressive collection of over 50 songs on Spotify. Their dedication to their craft and passion for music has earned them a loyal fan base, and they continue to inspire others with their talent and creativity.
We Need You!
Volunteers from around the world are crucial to the success of the Gold Mind Programs. Their time, skills, and resources are essential in helping participants discover opportunities in the creative industry. These volunteers are passionate about making a positive impact and support the program's objective. The program's events are strategically designed to provide exposure to various opportunities and equip participants with the knowledge to make the most of them.
Funding the Program

TMB Gold Mind Programs, an initiative led by the Melisizwe Brothers, collaborates with local, regional, and international individuals, groups, and organizations to strategize and implement fundraising events. The raised funds are channeled towards supporting the Gold Mind Programs, which aim to facilitate the growth of aspiring individuals within the creative industry. In line with this, the organization is actively seeking sponsors to provide financial support to facilitate our programs. Such a partnership would be mutually beneficial, as it would not only uplift the lives of promising youth, but it would also enable sponsors to contribute to the development of the creative industry.


Prospective donors and sponsors are invited to contribute to this noble cause by sending an email to

donate to the gold mind music program

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