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Gold Mind Instrument Program

Inspiring and Equipping Others To Go After Their Dreams!

Generosity taught the Melisizwe Brothers a few life lessons that fuels their creativity to this day.  As they appeared on television shows like Ellen Degeneres, the Steve Harvey Show, Showtime at the Apollo Theatre, and meeting the amazing Stevie Wonder, the brothers received numerous gifts of musical instruments. These first-hand experiences of generosity showed the brothers the value and impact of giving and receiving. They learned that generosity creates opportunity and one gift may lead to the discovery of their Gold Mind.

Through the Gold Mind Instrument Program, we collect new and used musical instruments and distribute them to underprivileged youths, giving them the opportunity to start their musical journey.


“Our Gold Mind is MUSIC. We found our Gold Mind at a very young age, we worked on it, developed it, and now we are sharing it with the world. We hope that you too will discover your Gold Mind and share it with the world.”

-The Melisizwe Brothers 

​To donate instruments to our program, email us at:

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