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Gold Mind Caribbean Summer Intensive Program

Inspiring and Equipping Others To Go After Their Dreams!

TMB Gold Mind Caribbean Summer Intensive August 1st - 31st, is a month-long program developed by The Melisizwe Brothers which focuses on the exchange of talent with a holistic creative approach. The month-long activities include three 5K family walk/runs in support of healthy living, each taking place on one of the different islands of St. Vincent and Grenadines, and a Marine tour through the Grenadine islands, Tobago Cays, and Marine parks giving youths an opportunity to become familiar with the beauty of their country, and to socialize and network with the Melisizwe Brothers and other professionals within the creative industry.

The Gold Mind Music Camp

The main component of the Gold Mind Summer Intensive is the Gold Mind Music Camp. The Gold Mind Music Camp is a week-long camp that consists of sharing beneficial knowledge and principles of the Gold Mind with participating members. The Gold Mind Music Camp also focuses on team-building and encourages individuals of different backgrounds to put their strengths together and help each other work towards a common goal. The Melisizwe Brothers simulate a song-writing camp based on team-building principles to help participants work together.

Gold Mind Youth Symposium

Also included within this program are the Gold Mind Youth Symposiums, which focus on giving youths the opportunity to interact with high-performing creatives from across the globe to gain insight into the process of discovering and developing their Gold Mind.

Gold Mind 5K Family Walk/Run

The Melisizwe Brothers strive to promote and represent active living as a part of the Gold Mind Summer Intensive. Included in the month-long activities are two Gold Mind 5K Family Walk/Runs, taking place on the main island of St. Vincent and Union Island, one of St. Vincent's grenadine islands.

Gold Mind Concerts

Concerts are an integral part of the Gold Mind Summer Intensive Programs. The month-long activities conclude with a full, live concert featuring the Melisizwe Brothers and friends, which focuses on opening up the stage for upcoming artists to perform and showcase their talents. Guest artists include local and international acts.

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